Yep, that is a little play on words. Since deciding to start work with a local hair and makeup artist for senior pictures, I thought I should find out a little more about the beauty industry. When it comes to fashion-esque topics, I’m really quite ignorant….but I’m trying.

On my quest for such self-education, I stumbled upon this little blog (Smarter Fashion and Beauty Blog). It is written by four women. The thing that appeals to me most is that they are from all over the US, so they all bring something different to the site.

  • Tiffany is from the Seattle area and petite young woman with really long, dark hair.
  • Sharon is a fashion editor from New York. She looks like she has an edgier, but very cool, style.
  • Belinda is a California girl and is a self-proclaimed “Carrie Bradshaw fan.”
  • Jenna hails from Michigan and looks to be a reader of the blog turned contributor. She write about fashion online and in a couple magazines.

So, if you’re looking for some beauty tips (or maybe know someone in need) go check it out. If you do, I’d really love to read your reaction in the comments below.