"...high school students audition to join Celebration Iowa for the "summer of a lifetime," learning from the best artist instructors in the state, performing in 30+ communities, and fostering lifelong friendships with like-minded high school musicians." -- Celebration Iowa Web site

Becca and I did some senior pictures last night. It was a great time and we beat the rain, too. This was the last opportunity to shoot with her before she leaves for Celebration Iowa. Celebration Iowa is a music troupe that performs all around the state for the entire summer. There are 19 other singers like Becca that will assemble in Decorah for some rehearsal before heading out to perform at festivals and fairs all over. They have a crazy schedule and I wish all these very talented kids the best this summer. I have no doubt that she and the rest of Celebration Iowa will rain down some serious performance on us all summer.

If you are interested in the Celebration Iowa schedule, you can found out more by check out their web site (Celebration Iowa).