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Vintage Scrap-Booking Blog

I recently came across a blog called Chrissy’s Corner. Chrissy has been doing some really cool scrap-booking pages with vintage photos. I don’t scrapbook, but I really appreciate the amount of work and creativity that goes into pages like that. If you’re doing scrap-booking, I think this might be a really interesting site for you
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Daddy’s Coat

Daddy’s Coat Originally uploaded by Mark Oehler It’s tough being the younger brother. It can seem like the weight of the world (or at least your older brother is on your shoulders). This is a fun little picture I took on Friday. I pulled the coat of my the closet. It was hard to Jack
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Music in the Air

Music Originally uploaded by Mark Oehler I was playing with some images I took with a model this past summer. I was in the mood for a little surrealism and this is where it ended up. I’ve love to read your comments on this and feel free to share around. I’ve added Sexy Bookmarks to
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Pinup Originally uploaded by Mark Oehler I’ve been doing a lot of work in Photoshop lately and developing some new styles for work I provide for clients. This is Photo that I took back in 2004. I converted it into a pinup-style painting. I love that you can hide or emphasize as many details as
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Isolation Originally uploaded by Mark Oehler Looking forward to being up in Lansing, Iowa again to photograph these wonderful birds again this weekend.

Children Portraits with a Twist

I’ve been playing with the idea of doing some different sorts of children portraits. I’ve always enjoyed taking children portraits; in fact, most of my first images when I was in college were of my nieces. They were a blast to work with and always had fun doing the photos. Lately, I’ve been playing with
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Taking Holiday Light Pictures

If you can control the focus on your camera, you do create a pretty amazing feat when taking Christmas light photos with your camera. If you’ve ever taken a picture of someone with points of light in the background, you may have noticed them turn into round blobs. Using a small piece of black construction
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Shainna Sneak Peak

I finished pretouching* Shainna’s senior photos from the other day. She is a senior at West Delaware and her pictures came out great; I’m excited for her to see them. She had a whole crew come with her and even a 1974 Chevy Chevelle! We took a few photos in the studio and then we
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I Have a New Online Image Host

I recently switched providers for my online hosting. If you’re not already, online image hosting is something you should consider, too. Save $5 on SmugMug with this Coupon Code bRKnz4qoIznYc I have a friend, Jenny. Jenny had a house in the Time Check area in Cedar Rapids, IA, about a block and a half from
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I’ve known Rachel a long time and was so honored that she and her mom came in for photos to celebrate her senior year. She has grown up the from the little girl I’ve known her as into a beautiful young woman. The image to the left shows a few of the images we got
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