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Available for Photography Speaking Engagements

If your group or organization would like a presentation on photography, how to take better pictures, or some other, related topic, feel free to reach out to me. In addition to my photography I’m also a member of Toastmasters International and really love reaching out to talk to groups about photography. I’ve done presentations and
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Senior Portrait Sessions Underway, Get Free Wallets

Hard to believe that July 4th is past already. Summer has been a cooker it seems this year. That’s all the more reason to come in from the heat and get some really hot senior pictures done. Shown here is a sample from a Digital Art Adventure session. This session lets you have portraits done
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Quicky Post: Crazy Senior Picture Ideas

I was stumbling around in my Hootsuite streams the other day and saw someone post “I wanna take a Senior picture with a big … snake.” It got me thinking, what other cool/crazy/different idea must be out there like that. So, here is a question, what crazy senior picture idea have you ever had, heard,
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What First Impression Does Your Online Profile Make?

There were these two nuns that always rushed. They rushed through morning prayers. They rushed through their parish duties. They rushed through their lives. One day Mother Superior decides they need to be more contemplative in their duties and slow down. She sits down with them and says, “I need you two to learn that rushing through everything is not the Lord’s way. You’re going to paint the upper bedroom of the convent. To help you learn some patience, I forbid you to get even a speck of paint on your clothes, the woodwork, or the floor.”

So the two nuns set about their task. They take their time. They put down tarps to protect the floor, masked the woodwork, and are careful not to get paint on their clothes.

About mid-morning Mother Superior stopped to see how they were doing. She praises the fine job they’re doing, but she sees they are never going to finish at their current rate, so she tells them, “There is a blind man coming. Feel free to have him help however he can.”

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Morning Star Studio’s Environmental Portraits

I had the privilege of creating the portraits for Morning Star Studio’s web site. Morning Star Studio is located in downtown Cedar Rapids and their office has a wonderful ambiance with fantastic architectural elements in it. Because of these great features, I really wanted images that would show off the space and give the viewer
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Congratulations, Chicoro, on Your New Book

Congratulations to Chicoro on her new book: Hair Products 101. This is a follow up to her wildly succussful book Grow It. I was honored enough to asked to also shoot the cover photo for this book. I think it looks great. I’ve know her personal for several years and she is one of the
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Grow It Mentioned In New York Times

I was very excited to hear recently that Grow It by Chicoro was mentioned in an article in the New York Times. I photographed the author for the book and the front and back cover images are from that shoot. Since its release on Amazon.com. The book has consistently done well on there. As of
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Senior Picture Workshop

I just got back from a four day workshop last week on senior pictures. It was amazing. Chris Carlson was the instructor and really opened my eyes to some great new techniques and looks. The girl pictured to the left is Larae. She was one of the models we had during the week. The main
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Less than a week to win … Just Complete Senior Survey

If you haven’t already, you can still enter the drawing for a $20 gift card. I had another post for the senior picture survey awhile back, but you may have missed it. I modified it a bit so you can get a gift card from anywhere…not just Amazon. If you entered already, that is okay,
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Angela’s Spring Beauty Tips

I have a special treat. Angela Penhollow is a fantastic makeup artist that I have worked with and has agreed to be available to do makeup for seniors this year. I asked her a while ago to contribute to my blog, because I thought that my clients would appreciate some fresh and original insights from
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