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What First Impression Does Your Online Profile Make?

There were these two nuns that always rushed. They rushed through morning prayers. They rushed through their parish duties. They rushed through their lives. One day Mother Superior decides they need to be more contemplative in their duties and slow down. She sits down with them and says, “I need you two to learn that
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Grow It Mentioned In New York Times

I was very excited to hear recently that Grow It by Chicoro was mentioned in an article in the New York Times. I photographed the author for the book and the front and back cover images are from that shoot. Since its release on The book has consistently done well on there. As of
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Angela’s Spring Beauty Tips

I have a special treat. Angela Penhollow is a fantastic makeup artist that I have worked with and has agreed to be available to do makeup for seniors this year. I asked her a while ago to contribute to my blog, because I thought that my clients would appreciate some fresh and original insights from
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