It’s that time of year again. The Boys Scouts of America are out selling popcorn. Both of my boys are doing it this year. I think it is a great way for them to learn some valuable social and business skills. If you’re interested in buying you can try out an SMS app I put together for them for sending orders. Check it out by sending a text to 319-540-8915. The message should be:

popcorn order [quantity] [item]

for example if you want two Double Butter, text

popcorn order 2 Double Butter

Here are the prices for the 2013 Hawkeye Area Popcorn items:

Double Butter, Microwave, $25
Caramel with Sea Salt, $20
White Gold, $18″
Peanut Butter Cup, $18
Mud Puddles, $18
Cheddar Cheese, $18
JalapeƱo Cheese, $18
Butter, Microwave, $18
Butter Light, Microwave, $18
Kettle Corn Microwave, $18
White Ruby, $10
Sea Salt Splash, $10
White Cheddar, $10
Yellow Popping Corn, $10