I had the privilege of creating the portraits for Morning Star Studio’s web site. Morning Star Studio is located in downtown Cedar Rapids and their office has a wonderful ambiance with fantastic architectural elements in it. Because of these great features, I really wanted images that would show off the space and give the viewer a sense of who the owners (Teri and Shanna) are.

Teri Petrzalek, Architect

Morning Star Studio does commercial architecture, interior design and structural engineering. Banks, retail businesses, governments, healthcare companies and other industries make up some of their past clients. Because of their size clients have the advantage of working directly with the person doing the work. Morning Star Studio is located at 600 3rd Street SE, Studio 201 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (319.362.5484).

Teri and Shanna are an architect and structural engineering team and were great to work with. They plan on using the images for not only their website, but for other promotional materials, too. The thing I’m most happy about the photos is that you get a sense of who Teri and Shanna are.

Shanna Duggan, Structural Engineer

If you need professional environmental portraits of your or your staff that give you more than just a plain headshot or that look more sophisticated that what you might get at a police booking room, give me a call.