I was invited out to the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena to check out the speed skaters that practice. It took me a year and I’m really disappointed that it did, because it was amazing. The speed skating club is in the only one in Iowa. The two guys that really got it going (Brian and Bill) are shown to the left. They also have several kids in the club. The kids are as young as 6.

I got out there and there were several of the kids already on the ice. I didn’t really realize how fast they can go. I would change position between the middle of the ice and the outside edge.

I would really have to move because the kids could make it around the track in 20-25 seconds and the adults in less than 12. When trying not to fall, I don’t move that fast. It was like playing Frogger on ice.

If you’d like to know more about speed skating in Iowa, check out their website.