It’s true. I’m a sucker for good black and white photography. I think it goes back to high school when I took my first photography class. I was a little freaked out the teacher started talking about rolling film and having to transferring it from the canister to the developing spool. The first time I saw that image appear magically onto the paper in the developer, I was captivated.

I found a interesting gallery recently with some black and white photography from Florida. If you have some time, you should check it out. The artist is Heather Allen from the keys of Florida. One of my favorites in the gallery is a dew-covered flower. Heather’s gallery doesn’t allow display of the photos on other sites, but you can see it here.

It has inspired me enough to start putting more of my black and whites into my online gallery. The photo featured here is a photo of some grass I took in a local field. I just love the tones and detail in the fine little hairs.