Have you ever had a shoebox or folder full of images but really didn’t know what to do with them? You might might share them on Facebook, but that will probably be about the most you will do with them. What about creating a slide-show with them? A lot of photo websites have slide-show features built into them. Some are better than others. They are usually just the photos running in order. They might have some music. They rarely have pizazz. You have to send your friends someplace else to see them. I’ve been using Photodex’s Proshow Producer to create slide-shows for clients for several years. They are very popular. Now you can do the same with the snapshots you’ve taken.

Photodex released ProShowWeb yesterday. I’ve tried it. It looks pretty good. The interface is very similar to the wizard they use on the desktop application. You pick the theme for your show. Upload your photos…the free version allows up to 15. Select from a collection of royalty free music. You then create your show. Based on the theme you selected, it uses a variety of effects and transitions to create a show for you. Once it is created, you can keep it on Photodex’s site and send your friend their. Or you can send it right to YouTube or Facebook. You can even get the HTML to embed it into your own site (though I had some difficulty doing this on this WordPress blog). If you have purchased Proshow, you can then download it and further edit the show.

I created my first ProshowWeb slide-show. I uploaded it to YouTube and embedded it below. It uses some of my Retro Hollywood Glamour photos. I didn’t do any editing to it; I want you to see what you can expect. It’s not going to create the same quality show you would get from a professional, but it should inspire you to get the photos out of the shoebox and into a slide-show you can share with family and friends.

Feel free to comment below. I’d love to see your feedback. If you create a show with ProShowWeb, include the link below…I’d love to see it.