Jack Working on Puzzle


I’ve been playing with the idea of doing some different sorts of children portraits. I’ve always enjoyed taking children portraits; in fact, most of my first images when I was in college were of my nieces. They were a blast to work with and always had fun doing the photos. Lately, I’ve been playing with taking things a little farther than normal and creating digital art with them.

While they take longer to do, it adds something fun and different to the portrait. I printed the one to the left out as a 4×6 for my four-year-old to take to school. He was so excited about it and the other kids just thought it was the bomb.

The one to the right was a play on the story of Jack and the Bean Stalk.

I’m going to be focusing on incorporating more art into my children portraiture in 2011. Here is to creating something a little different.