Shainna and the Chevelle

I finished pretouching* Shainna’s senior photos from the other day. She is a senior at West Delaware and her pictures came out great; I’m excited for her to see them. She had a whole crew come with her and even a 1974 Chevy Chevelle!

We took a few photos in the studio and then we headed to an outdoor location where we got some cool shots including this one with the car. Even though we had the sun high in the sky, we got it worked out.

Fall is well underway and some seniors are still getting their pictures taken. If you’re one of them, don’t wait too long and make sure you find out what the deadline for your yearbook is. If you really want photos in late fall or winter, consider my Digital Art Portrait Adventure. You can do your yearbook photo in a location of your choice and then take more pictures later.

*What’s pretouching? I retouch all photos before you see them so you see only the best images and get a good idea of what your final images will look like. You can still have more editing done, but most people think the pretouched images are all they need.