Summer is here! Time to bring on the fun. Bring on the BBQs. Bring on the family gatherings.

With the summer now officially upon us, can get out and enjoy all the events this summer. In Iowa, every town has its own festival. There is Corn Days, Hog Wild Days, Fish Days, Hobo Days and about every other thing you can think to celebrate. Each festival brings with it food, friends, adult beverages and family reunions.
Family Picture with Geese
Does your family reconvene to celebrate these annual rituals? How many times does your entire family get together? My wife’s family (on her mom’s side) do a reunion every two years. Her dad’s side … every year. My mom’s family however, are pretty sporadic. I don’t remember one on my dad’s side. We would get together with my cousins from Denver every summer when I was a kid, but I haven’t seen all of them for too long. I would love to have photos of all those vacations; complete with 70s haircuts and bad clothes. But we don’t. There might be a snapshot here or there. But they need to be only little snapshots.

Family photos can mean so much when you look back. They can cement those moments forever. With digital photography so accessible to everyone, there is no reason you shouldn’t at least get snapshots, but don’t forget professional photography either. A professional photographer can light and pose large groups to make everyone look their best. They can take a little more time than a quick snapshot, but that is time well spent.

My Dad’s gone, so future opportunities for photos with everyone are gone forever. I’m very fortunate to have been able to have professional photos of my family on different occasions. Mostly they are wedding photos. That is really too bad. I’m not knocking weddings, but it seems like every time families get together should be a special shouldn’t need to have a wedding to get family photos done.

So,when you arrange family reunions this summer, don’t get forget the photography.