You can now vote for your favorite photo in the Class of 2011 Senior Picture Contest. Each of our senior spokes-models for the Class of 2011 have selected a favorite photo from their senior pictures. I’ve put them up online so everyone can see my amazing spokes-models. The contest is running until June 20th. You an only vote once, but everyone is welcome to.


Tell your family or friends to get out there and vote, too. If you really want to spread the word, you can use the icon at the top of this post to post directly to your favorite social sites. Link to this page via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,, you blog, or Squidoo. If you don’t see a network you like, put it in the comments and I’ll try to get it added.

It is really easy. Just go to the [ballot], decide on your favorite photo, use the very easy form to record your selection, then spread the word to your friends to get them to vote, too.

Thanks for participating.