Senior Pictures, Brook, Spokesmodel

Brooke, 2011 Senior Spokesmodel

Procrastination. Nearly everyone is doing it. Those that aren’t just haven’t taken the time to do so….yet. As the current school year winds down, you are probably swamped with everything that needs to get done by the end of the year. It can be overwhelming and that can lead to lots of procrastination. Instead of continuing to put things off and having to pull all-nighters later, why not consider the following ideas.

  1. Break it down — Gigantic tasks can be the scariest. When something intimidates us, you tend to avoid it. Don’t. The better alternative is to break it down into smaller components.
  2. Work A Little Bit at a Time — Not everything can be broken down into smaller pieces. For those that can’t, just dedicate a little time (even if it’s only ten minutes) to work on it.
  3. Stick With It — This may seem obvious, but it can be the hardest part. When you feel like you have hit a roadblock, just give yourself one more dedicated minute on the task. You may find that is all you need to break through the trouble spot. If you have broken down a bigger task, this can be a chance to look one of those other, associated items.
  4. Prioritize — Face it: not everything is as critical. Create a lit of things that need to get done, their dependencies and due dates. Then you can work the list, focusing on the items at that have the most importance and soonest deadlines.
  5. Forget Perfection — Being a perfectionist can be a terrible curse. We’re not perfect and nothing we do will every be perfect. But we can be excellent. For for the smallest task, trying to do it perfectly, will discourage and intimidate you so you either waste too much time that can be spent on other things or intimate you from starting at all. If you dedicate yourself to doing your best, without trying to be perfect, things will go better.
  6. Reward Yourself — You don’t have to stop doing Facebook, checking email, or chatting with friends. These things can be waste time. They’re not bad in and of themselves, but moderation is the key. Use them as a reward. Work them into the schedule, but stick with your schedule.


So, when you get through the end of the list and all the projects are completed, celebrate a little. But remember, you have next year, too. Why not make a list of things you need or want to do next year. College applications, campus visits, senior pictures, and senior trips are going to be extras you need to work in next year. If you make a list before you need it, you can be ahead when you start your senior year…and how awesome would that be.

Got other ideas on overcoming procrastination? Please, leave a comment.