Eastern Iowa Science and Engineering Fair Logo

Eastern Iowa Science and Engineering Fair Logo

The Eastern Iowa Science and Engineering Fair was held again at Lindale Mall on March 20th, 2010. The turn out, as usual was great. There were 180 displays from all across the area.

Categories for the displays were:

  1. Junior Physical,
  2. Junior Biological,
  3. Junior Team,
  4. Senior Physical,
  5. Senior Biological and
  6. Senior Team.

If you’ve never attended previous year’s fair, it is really amazing what the kids do. The goal of the fair is to encourage the students to develop scientific processes to¬† prove or disprove their hypothesis. Some of the display are pretty remarkable. There was a senior team that built a hovercraft; another did a study to determine the feasibility of combining solar and wind power into a single collection device.

I really want to tip my hat to all the participants. Some had to get up extremely early to get to the fair in time and it went well into the late afternoon. I also want to congratulate the senior winners Nikhil Dhuna, Pavane Gorrepati, and the team of Bailie Bryant & Lynnely Parker. From my understanding the judging was very tight.

I’m proud that Mark Oehler Photography was able to be sponsor for the fair this year. If you would like to see image from the fair and see more winners, you can go to the fair official website: http://www.eisef.org/.