Sara, Class of 2010

Congratulations to all members of the Class of 2010

The time is upon us: graduations. It is a time of year full of hope and possibilities. I’m sure those of us that have many years since our own graduation feel many different things. We remember the endless possibilities. The world looked new…and maybe scary, too. For those graduating, the feeling of loss is added in. Friends take different paths; confidants drift apart. But the memories of high school are forever. Some are bad, but I hope that most are great…and will continue to be so for the rest of your life.

I chatted with Sara, a senior of whom I took senior photos, about what her future plans are. Hers are quite simple. She is going to help people. She will start at Kirkwood Community College in the fall and start pursuing her RN degree before applying to the Nurse Practitioner program at the University of Iowa.  She is still considering becoming a doctor but being a Nurse Practitioner would give her more one-on-one patient time.

Sara has a very special group of friends. At this year’s state wrestling tournament she was surprised by her coach and fellow cheer squad members. The surprise? A giant cookie with the simplest of messages: “We’ll miss you, Sara.”

Like so many graduates this Spring, Sara’s friends are starting their own great adventures. Some will be going to the same school as Sara. Others leave for different colleges. And still others head to the military where they plan to serve our country proudly. Her view to all the changes: “I guess that’s what Facebook is for.”

Thank you, Sara, for letting me be part of your senior year. I wish for you all what your dreams may be.

Sara, Class of 2010 from Mark Oehler on Vimeo.

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