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NEW: Rocket Sessions

This session is a 30 minute session that introduces you to Mark Oehler Photography. The cost is $160 that includes the session and 1 digital file that lets you print as many images you want up to 8×10. You can use it on social media, invites…whatever. Additional images from the same session are just $100 each. This includes our water or fire sessions.

Whether you call them senior pictures, senior portraits, or senior photos there is one thing that is the same:

Value is Important


Are you frustrated by studios that require an email or call to find out what their prices are? Today, price isn’t as important as value. What’s the difference? Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

Who wants to wait…Senior pictures are special. You want to see them as soon as possible, so you can make your friends jealous…as soon as possible. There are a lot of photographers that will take FOREVER before you can see your pictures. When they do get back to you, they only let you see the pictures online and you may have way too many images to go through and, worse, they show all the imperfections the camera sees. You don’t want your friends to see all that. And it takes even longer to get them ordered because you have to let everyone see them before you order. In fact, you may never get to see the photographer again…until they get their check. I try to do it differently. I shoot with you in mind. Blown AwayRetouched images are usually ready in less than two weeks (sometimes in just days) and you get to come in, kick back, and watch a video slideshow of your images and find just the right images for you. Once you have seen them, you’ll get a private URL that you can send to friends, out-of-town relatives, or anyone you want…and it is limited to just the images you love.

“Drew really ended up enjoying the experience which was great because he was dragging his feet going into it!
…Just an incredible job and I can’t wait to see the rest of [them]”
–Heidi, Drew’s Mom

CollageWhile some studios provide you all the images from your session on a CD for a really low price, it can leave you with images that aren’t very good and requires you have to spend lots of time editing the photos that should have been finished when you got them originally. Then when you get the photos ready, you still have to print them at your local photo lab. Mark Oehler Photography only provides finished photos and all the prints you buy are printed at reputable, professional labs. This means that your images are guaranteed for quality and color. When you place your order with Mark Oehler Photography, you get a digital copy of all images you ordered from that you can post anywhere online!

Who wants to have just two clothing changes…you can have as many clothing changes as you want. Do you have 30 pairs of shoes, 17 shirts, and 12 belts? You can really show off your unique style with your clothes and the style of your photos will reflect that, too.

Straight Forward Sessions with All the Options

Mark Oehler Photography has a straight-forward session to get your senior photos done at a great value. The session can be in the studio, outside, on-location or any combination. You decide which session fits you best. There are no formal sitting fees for senior photos. Instead the simple pricing of $300 includes a DVD slideshow and professional printed and mounted 10×20 collage with up to three images from the session that is ready to frame. You can purchase other prints or digital files from the session, too.

 Senior Pictures, Cedar Rapids, Marion, Eastern, Iowa

Book your session online now and start making your friends jealous. If you can’t find a available time that works for you, call and Mark can help find something that does.

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