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Family and Children Portraits

family picture walking in park, Cedar Rapids, Marion, Eastern, Iowa

When Was the Last Time You Got A Family or Children’s Portrait Done?

It has probably been too long. Families change fast. Your children are growing up in front of your eyes. They graduate, get married, and have kids of their own. You look back and it seems like an instant before they are grown. Family pictures capture those moments forever. CallĀ 319-540-8915 today to book your session.

Capture Your Family’s History

Family Pictures, Cedar Rapids, Marion, Eastern, Iowa

Family pictures are special and so should the locations. While you can certainly have family pictures done in the studio, wouldn’t you rather have them done somewhere that is special to you. It might your living room, or backyard, or local park. Whatever reminds you of your family is where you should get your photos taken. I will come to your location for free, so you don’t have to work about an extra fee charged later.

If you don’t get your family’s picture done this year, when will you?

Who wants to edit hundred of images…While some studios provide you all the images from your session on a CD for a really low price, it can leave you with images that aren’t very good and requires you have to spend lots of time editing the photos that should have been finished when you got them originally. Then when you get the photos ready, you still have to print them at your local photo lab. Mark Oehler Photography only provides finished photos and all the prints you buy are printed at reputable, professional labs. This means that your images are guaranteed for quality and color.

Free Sessions

You will absolutely love your family pictures and I guarantee it by not charging you a sitting fee. I require an advance at the time of the session, but you get that all back on your first order. After your session, your pictures will be narrowed down to the best ones and retouched to make them look great. At this point they are ready to go to the lab, but you can always ask for additional retouching if you think they need them. When your pictures are ready, you will come in again to review them and you can place your order then.

Traditional outdoor family picture in back yard, Cedar Rapids, Marion, Eastern, Iowa

Everyone Loves A Bargain

When you place a large photo order, it’s important for you to get something back. Large, paid orders instantly get a discount on a sliding scale.

  • Prepaid orders over $500 get a free $50 credit instantly.
  • Prepaid orders over $750 get a free $100 credit instantly.
  • Prepaid orders over $1000 get $200 credit instantly.

Call 319-540-8915 today to book your session.